Dying for Daylight Testing – Iplay

This testing phase was purely for Facebook. As this company has designed fantastic games such as Bubbletown, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Contacting Thomas, via Andrew Williams, contact was established and then testing began.

Dying for Daylight was a vampire based detective game. It was not an easy game, and a lot of interesting feedback was given back to them as that’s what job I was given.

The graphical interface was appealing, visual representation was there, however it was the mechanics that their target audience would find difficult. I think I recall Iplay stating their audience is mature, so the game has intellectually been advised for that audience. However, there was a lot of things that were buggy and needed work on.

It was hard, let’s just simplify it there and then. The game had to really require intuitive. I even got a friend to figure a few things out, even they couldn’t work it out and they have extensive knowledge and experience over a wide range of games.

So, overall the game was fun to play however a lot of bugs were there.

Again, I can’t give information that I had analyzed and reported to them as, well, you know what would happen if I did!

Stay tuned for more testing on games!

^^ – The title / front screen of the game

^^ – My name on credits! ❤

Youtube link


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